Hostel Fee Payment Entry

Hostel Admission/ Re-admission

                 Semester                                                    Total Fees Payable Per Semester
PwD Student Foreign Student Other Student
(New Admission) Rs. 24,050/- Rs. 89,750/- Rs. 82,650/-
(Re-Admission) Rs. 15,950/- Rs. 81,650/- Rs. 74,550/-

Before processing, please keep read following:-

  1. Students seeking Re-admission (Semester- II,IV & VI) are required to pay the Hostel fee online through College website by 15 Jan 2020, irrespective of the declaration of their examination results.College will refund the fees on a pro-rata basis, in case the student becomes ineligible for hostel after declaration of examination result.

  2. Students who have forfeited their caution money are required to pay again at the time of fee payment (Rs. 8,000/-).

  3. Students allotted A.C. Rooms are required to pay additionally 20,000 per semester.

  4. Foreign students are required to pay an additional sum of US $ 100 in INR (Rs. 7,100/-).

  5. For details of fee structure under different heads, please see Hostel Prospectus 2019-20, displayed on College Website in the Admission box.

  6. A student who does not fulfill the minimum attendance requirement per semester, will be considered to have wasted the precious resources of the College and will forfeit all refundable deposits made to the College and will pay under that head in the successive semester at the time of admission to that semester.

  7. The College reserves the right to change the fee without any prior notice.

  8. Read Rules and Regulations 2019

  9. I have read and understood the above and other Rules and Regulations of the College & Hostel before paying my fees, and agree to abide by them.

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Academic Year * 2020-2021

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